USB 2.0 SVGA adapter

No USB Product Goes Untested!

The USB 2.0 SVGA Adapter enables you to connect any monitor, LCD, projector to your PC or Notebook. Below are actual screen shots taken during testing. By using USB 2.0 technology, there is no need struggle with compatibility issues related to a second VGA card.

The following images are actual screen shots of the USB 2.0 Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA) drivers being installed on an HP notebook running Windows XP. When installing the USB 2.0 SVGA adapter, it is important to note that the adapter is not to be connected to the USB port before the driver installation is complete. This and other information about installing the USB 2.0 SVGA adapter are included in the package.

USB 2.0 SVGA found new hardware USB 2.0 SVGA found new hardware completed
Once the USB 2.0 SVGA drivers have been installed and your computer restarted, the Found New Hardware Wizard will continue with installation once you have connected the adapter to the USB port. Once found, the wizard completes the hardware install in typical fashion to ready your system for its new USB device.
USB 2.0 SVGA driver install - continue anyway USB 2.0 SVGA installation complete
During the installation of the necessary drivers for the USB 2.0 SVGA adapter you will be presented with a "Continue Anyway" install window. This is because the device drive has not been passed through the Windows Logo testing. Continuing does not harm your computer in any way, just click continue anyway to complete the driver install. After the USB 2.0 SVGA adapter drivers and application has been installed, you will be asked to restart your computer to properly run the USB device. The USB 2.0 SVGA Adapter Quick Installation Guide has more information about proper install procedure.

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